Sunday, 15 September 2019

Noiseworks - 1991 - R.I.P. Millie FLAC

"R.I.P. (Millie)" is a song by Australian rock-pop band Noiseworks. It was released in September 1991 as the fourth single from their third studio album Love Versus Money (1991) and peaked at number 26 on the ARIA singles chart. The song is dedicated to Jon Stevens' mother who died of cancer. Stevens later reflected saying, “Over the years I’ve had so many people tell me how much "R.I.P (Millie)" has helped them deal with their own loss in their lives. To be able to impact on peoples lives in such a positive way is incredibly inspiring. Thanks to Mustang


01 Noiseworks - R.I.P (Millie)
02 Noiseworks - In My Youth

Friday, 13 September 2019

Vanessa Amorosi - 2001 - Turn To Me FLAC

"Turn to Me", is a song by Australian singer-songwriter, Vanessa Amorosi, released in December 2001 as the lead single from her second album, Turn to Me. The song peaked at number 80 on the ARIA singles chart.


01 Turn To Me (Single Version)
02 Turn To Me (Alrenative Version)
03 Turn To Me (Extended Version)

Nickelback - 2006 - If Everyone Cared FLAC

"If Everyone Cared" is a song recorded by Canadian rock group Nickelback. It was released in November 2006 as the sixth single from the album All the Right Reasons. It was released in the UK on 27 November 2006 and the US on 28 November 2006. The song entered inside the Top 40 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart on 7 January 2007. The song was then released in most other parts of the world in the beginning of 2007. It debuted at No. 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late January 2007, and climbed to No. 17. All the Right Reasons was the first Nickelback album to feature more than three top 20 singles in the United States. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart. Thanks to Mustang.


01 If Everyone Cared (Album Version)
02 Too Bad (Acoustic)
03 Someday (Acoustic)

James Freud And The Reserves - 1999 - One Tony Lockett FLAC

"One Tony Lockett" is a song recorded by Australian musician James Freud as a tribute to St Kilda and Sydney AFL player Tony Lockett, who booted his record-breaking 1300th goal shortly before the release of the track. The song utilises the music of the popular traditional Cuban song "Guantanamera". Released in 1999 with the backing of the Seven Network,[1] the song charted in the Top 40 during the month of June, reaching a peak of #38.

The song began as a goal scoring chant in the SCG's O'Reilly Stand. Sam Mercurio, Gus Mercurio's, daughter in law, came up with the chant and eventually roused the whole stand every time "Plugger" scored a goal. A few seasons later the whole SCG understood what we were singing and joined in, with James Freud eventually recording the tune. Thanks to Mustang.


01 One Tony Lockett (Guantanamera)
02 One Tony Lockett (Footy Club Mix)
03 That's Football

Chr!st!na @guIlera - 2003 - Fighter FLAC

"Fighter" is a song recorded by American singer Christina Aguilera for her fourth studio album, Stripped (2002). The song was written by Aguilera and Scott Storch, and produced by the latter. It was released by RCA Records as the third single from Stripped on March 13, 2003. Inspired by Guns N' Roses' song "November Rain", "Fighter" was characterized as a hybrid of rock and R&B that incorporates elements of arena rock and rock and roll. The track sees Aguilera thanking a man who had done wrong to her for making her a "fighter."

"Fighter" received mostly positive reviews from music critics, who praised Aguilera's vocals and the song's empowering lyrics. The single peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As of September 2014, "Fighter" has sold 1.184 million copies in the United States. Elsewhere, the song reached the top ten of several national music charts, including those in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Thanks to Mustang


01 Fighter
02 Fighter [Freelance Hellraiser 'Thug Pop' Extended Edit]
03 Beautiful [Valentin Club Mix]

Friday, 30 August 2019

Sarah Blasko - 2003 - Prelusive FLAC

 Prelusive is the 2002 independent debut EP by Australian singer–songwriter Sarah Blasko. A video was made for "Your Way", and the song received a great deal of airplay on youth radio station Triple J. The EP is called 'Prelusive' "because that means introductory, from the word 'Prelude', which is a musical term meaning a short, independent composition" said Blasko in a 2003 interview. "And so I thought that word really fit because the EP is relatively short- only six songs, and it’s independent, and it’s a composition, or a number of compositions."


01 Your Way
02 Will You Ever Know
03 Be Tonight
04 Sweet Surrender
05 Follow The Sun
06 New Religion

Swamp Traffic - 1994 - Noise FLAC

Don't know squat about this one except what's on the CD cover most  likely a Sydney band as the music was recorded at Zen Studios  St. Peters a suburb of Sydney. Band members were Evan bass Dimmo guitar and Nigel drums. Music Alternate Rock on the heavy side. Anyone knowing anything about the band drop me a line in the comments. Thanks to Hornet for this one.


01 My World
02 Skid Mark
03 Waitin
04 Suicidal Greed
05 Justify
06 Somethin New

Daryl Braithwaite - 1991 - The Horses FLAC

"The Horses" is a song written by Rickie Lee Jones and Walter Becker. The song was covered by Daryl Braithwaite on his 1990 album Rise. It was released as a single in January 1991 and reached No. 1 on the Australian singles chart in May. "The Horses" was certified platinum in Australia by ARIA. Margaret Urlich provided the female vocals on the recording but chose not to appear in the music video due to other work commitments. A model, Gillian Mather, lip-synced Urlich's voice for the video.

In May 2016, while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the song peaking at number 1 in Australia, Braithwaite said: "I would never have thought that 25 years down the track, 'The Horses' – a song that I heard quite by accident and then recorded, would be liked by so many people for so many different reasons. And for this I am eternally grateful. I am sure that Rickie Lee Jones and Walter Becker could never imagine how endearing the song would and has become." The song was certified 5× Platinum in December 2017.


01 The Horses
02 Let Me Be
03 You Could Be Wrong
04 I Can't Wait

Augie March - 1998 - Thanks For The Memes FLAC

Thanks for the Memes is a five-track extended play released by the Australian indie rock band Augie March in early 1998. It was re-issued on 9 June 2003 with an additional track, "300 Nights", from their single, "Hole in Your Roof" (July 2000). After playing several gigs Augie March signed with Rag Records (a RooArt subsidiary) distributed by BMG. The group's first extended play, Thanks for the Memes, was produced by Victor Van Vugt and released in early 1998. Despite positive reviews it received little radio airplay.


01 Century Son
02 Come With Me
03 Stop Breathing
04 Movie Mondays
05 Future Seal

Eskimo Joe - 2004 - From The Sea FLAC

"From the Sea" is the first single by Australian rock band Eskimo Joe, taken from their second studio album, A Song Is a City. It was their most successful single at that time, reaching number 33 on the ARIA Charts. It was also nominated for Single of the Year at the ARIA Music Awards of 2004 and reached number three of the Triple J Hottest 100 for that year.


01 From the Sea
02 This Room (Acoustic Version)
03 See Saw    
04 Commitment Bells

Daryl Braithwaite - 1994 - Barren Ground FLAC

"Barren Ground" is the second single released by Australian singer-songwriter, Daryl Braithwaite from his fourth studio album, Taste the Salt in January 1994 it peaked at #61 on the australian singles charts.


01 Barren Ground
02 The Other Side
03 The Horses (Acoustic) 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

J!mmy P@ge & R0bert Pl@nt -1995 - Wonderful 0ne (Promo) FLAC

Page and Plant reunited in 1994 and decided to perform many of the Led Zeppelin classics with a different style, a more acoustic style, with a Moroccan flare I believe. They never recorded these new realizations on a studio album, instead they took their idea on tour, to Morocco I guess, and recorded a live album titled “No Quarter” named after the popular song from 1973’s “Houses of The Holy.” The new style was slower and this ironically did not really work for the most famous songs off the album “Kashmir” and “No Quarter,” at least not in my opinion, but it did work for more emotional songs like “Thank You” and the “That’s The Way” and Page and Plant basically reinvented “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and for the better in my opinion.“Wonderful One” is definitely the best new song, and quite believably the best track off of, “No Quarter.”


01 - Wonderful One (Radio Edit)
02 - Wonderful One (LP Version)
03 - What Is And What Should Never Be (Non-LP Bonus Track)
04 - When The Levee Breaks (Non-LP Bonus Track)

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Something For Kate - 1997 - Captain (Million Miles An Hour) FLAC

Elsewhere for 8 Minutes is the debut album by Australian band Something for Kate was released in 1997. The band recorded the album at York St Studios in NZ with producer Brian Paulson. The single, "Captain (Million Miles An Hour)" preceded the album's July release, receiving heavy airplay on the Triple J radio network and making it to #39 in the station's Hottest 100 for the year. Three other singles were released: "Prick" "Working Against Me" and "Roll Credit".


01 Captain (Million Miles An Hour)
02 Subjected To Change
03 Floatation

J!mmy P@ge & R0bert Pl@nt - 1994 - G@llows P0le FLAC

No Quarter is a live album by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, both formerly of English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was released by Atlantic Records on 14 October 1994. The long-awaited reunion between Jimmy Page and Robert Plant occurred on a 90-minute "UnLedded" MTV project, recorded in Morocco, Wales, and London. "Gallows Pole" was the first single of the album and charted #2 on the US Billboard chart #14 on the Canadian RPM Top 100 chart, #35 on the UK singles chart and #46 on the Australian Aria chart.


01 Gallows Pole
02 City Don't Cry
03 The Rain Song
04 What Is And What Should Never Be

C0ldpl@y - 2001 - Tr0uble - Norvegian Live FLAC

 Trouble: Norwegian Live EP is an EP of British rock band Coldplay , released in 2001. It includes 5 tracks recorded live at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. Thanks to Kel


01 Trouble 
02 Shiver 
03 Sparks 
04 Yellow 
05 Everything's Not Lost 

Massive Attack with Tracey Thorn - 1995 - Protection FLAC

 "Protection" is a collaboration between Massive Attack and Everything But the Girl singer Tracey Thorn, that appeared on Massive Attack's second album Protection on CD and 12" in 1994 as a second single. It reached #14 on the UK Singles Chart, staying there for four weeks, and also peaked at #27 in New Zealand and a lowly #91 in Australia. The song was also included on Everything But the Girl's compilations The Best of and Like the Deserts Miss the Rain.

The song contains samples taken from "The Payback" by James Brown, namely the hi-hat/bass figure that drives the beat and the recurrent wah-wah guitar chord.


01 Protection (7" edit)
02 Protection (The Eno Mix)
03 Protection (Radiation for the Nation Mix)
04 Protection (J Sw!ft Mix)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Engelbert Humperdinck ‎– 1996 - Love Rollercoaster Lesbian Seagull FLAC

"Love Rollercoaster" was covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1996, recorded and produced by Sylvia Massy. This version includes original rap-based verses and additional lyrics provided by guest female backup singers, as well as the horn section being replaced with an approximation played on kazoos. The song appears on the soundtrack for the animated feature film Beavis and Butt-head Do America. An animated music video was made for the song, featuring Beavis, Butt-head, and the band riding an amusement park roller coaster, intercut with scenes from the film. The song is played early in the movie as well, when Beavis and Butt-head arrive in Las Vegas. In the dance hall scene, a fictional funk band is shown performing the song live (the one appearing on the single cover).

Although the song became a crossover hit, peaking at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart and at #22 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, it did not enter the top 10 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart (peaking at #14), let alone hit #1, and it failed to enter the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The band has never performed the song live. The single reached #19 in Australia and #35 in New Zealand.

"Lesbian Seagull" is a song originally recorded and released on the 1979 Tom Wilson Weinberg album, The Gay Name Game. It gained further fame when it was performed by Engelbert Humperdinck, which appeared on the soundtrack of the 1996 MTV/Paramount film Beavis and Butt-head Do America.
History. Mike Judge, creator-designer of Beavis and Butt-head, heard the song in a David Letterman "Dave's Record Collection" segment and contacted Weinberg about using it in the film, in which it is sung by Judge himself, as the voice of one of Beavis and Butt-head's teachers, David Van Driessen. Humperdinck's version, used in the end credits of the film and included on the soundtrack released on the Universal/Geffen Records label, was used as the B-side of Red Hot Chili Peppers's cover of the Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster", which was released as a single in its own right.


01 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster
02 Engelbert Humperdinck - Lesbian Seagull

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Leonardo's Bride - 1997 - Even When I'm Sleeping FLAC UPGRADE

"Even When I'm Sleeping" is a song by Australian Indie rock and Indie pop group Leonardo's Bride, which was the second single from their first studio album, Angel Blood. Released in 1997, "Even When I'm Sleeping" peaked at No. 4 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Singles Chart in July 1997 and was certified Gold. In May 2001 "Even When I'm Sleeping", written by guitarist-keyboardist, Dean Manning, was selected by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time


01 Even When I'm Sleeping (Chris Lord-Alge Mix)
02 Break
03 Stay (The Three Cheese Mix)
04 [Outro] Even When I'm Snoring

Vika & Linda - 1996 - Love Comes Easy CDS FLAC

Vika and Linda are an Australian vocal duo consisting of Vika Susan Bull (born 1966) and her younger sister, Linda Rose Bull. They came to prominence after singing backing vocals in Joe Camilleri's band The Black Sorrows from 1988.

Princess Tabu is the second studio album by Vika & Linda Bull. The album was released in August 1996 and debuted and peaked at number 30 on the Australian ARIA Charts. Love Comes Easy is a single from the album and it just managed to scrape into the top 100 at #93.


01 Love Comes Easy
02 Princess Tabu
03 The Long Walk

Strawpeople - 1996 - Taller Than God FLAC

Strawpeople are a New Zealand band. They were created by Paul Casserly and Mark Tierney after they had met while working at the Auckland university radio station now known as 95 bFM. Over the years, Strawpeople has brought together various New Zealand songwriters, vocalists and musicians in a collaborative effort and achieved some success. The Strawpeople, being a studio based recording outfit, have had a revolving door lineup of vocalists, normally female and from New Zealand. Notable vocalists include Leza Corban, Stephanie Tauevihi, Fiona McDonald (a vocalist from New Zealand band The Headless Chickens), Jordan Reyne and sisters Bic and Pearl Runga.


01 Taller Than God
02 Taller Than God (Remixed By Angus McNaughton)
03 Receiving