Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Simple Minds - 1989 - Ballad Of The Streets FLAC

"Ballad of the Streets" EP was released on 6 February 1989. "Belfast Child" is a song by Simple Minds, first released as the lead track on the the EP which also included "Mandela Day" and "Biko". The record reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart as well as Holland and Ireland it reached #12 in Australia.


01 Belfast Child
02 Mandela Day
03 Biko

Maria McKee - 1990 - Show Me Heaven FLAC

Two tracks off the Days Of Thunder soundtrack "Show Me Heaven" is a song written by Maria McKee, Eric Rackin and Jay Rifkin, and recorded by McKee and produced by Peter Asher for the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise film Days of Thunder, released in June 1990. It has since been covered by numerous other artists. Maria Luisa McKee (born August 17, 1964) is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for her work with Lone Justice, her 1990 UK solo chart-topping hit, "Show Me Heaven", and her song "If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)" from the film Pulp Fiction.
Paula Anne Scharf-Daily (born February 16, 1967 in Guilford, Connecticut), better known by her stage name Apollo Smile, is a pop music singer-songwriter, voice actress and media personality. In the 1990s, Smile billed herself as The Live Action Anime Girl and was invited to several science fiction conventions as a guest.n 1990, Smile's song "Thunderbox" was featured on the soundtrack album for the Tom Cruise film Days of Thunder, and the following year she released a self-titled album, from which came the track .


01. Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven
02. Apollo Smile - Thunder Box

Hunters & Collectors - 1992 - Head Above Water FLAC

"Head Above Water" is the first trqck on the album Cut which reached #6 on the Aria Album Charts. "Head Above Water" was the second single of the album and reached #64.


01 Head Above Water
02 Hear No Evil
03 Head Above Water (LA Piece Mix)
04 Head Above Water (Extended Dub Mix)

Fern Kinney - 1988 - Groove Me FLAC

Fern Kinney (born Fern Kinney-Lewis), is an American R&B and disco singer, who is best remembered for her releases, "Groove Me" and "Together We Are Beautiful".

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, United States (11 July, 1949), Kinney originally sang in The Poppies with Dorothy Moore. In the early 1970s, she began working as a session musician and backing vocalist. Among the songs she sang on were King Floyd's "Groove Me", and her former "Poppie" bandmate Dorothy Moore's 1976 Top 10 single, "Misty Blue".

By 1979, then having settled as a housewife, Kinney decided to attempt a comeback, and she recorded her own version of "Groove Me", but changed the rhythm on the song to turn it into a disco dance track. The song reached number 6 on the Billboard dance chart. Her next single "Together We Are Beautiful", released in 1980 was another disco song, but with a slower and more sultry beat. It had been recorded by the British vocalist, Steve Allan, eighteen months earlier.[2] Kinney's effort failed to chart in the United States, but reached number one in the UK Singles Chart.


01 Groove Me (long version)
02 Groove Me (7' Edit)
03 There'll Never Be Another Night Like This
04 Together We Are Beautiful

Died Pretty - 1995 - Good At Love CDS FLAC

"Good at Love"    was the second single from Died Pretty's sixth album "Sold" released November 1995.


01 Good At Love
02 Try
03 Disagree

Monday, 3 June 2019

0livi@ Newt0n-J0hn - 1992 - I Need Love FLAC

"I Need Love" was one of four new tracks added to the 1992 compilation Back to Basics: The Essential Collection 1971–1992.


01 I Need Love (LP Version)
02 I Need Love (Club Mix Edit)
03 I Need Love (Club Mix)
04 Warm and Tender LP Version)

Guy Sebastian - 2004 - All I Need is You CDS FLAC

"All I Need Is You" is a single by Australian singer Guy Sebastian. "All I Need Is You" is the second single from the album Just as I Am, following "Angels Brought Me Here". "All I Need Is You" reached number one on the ARIA Singles Chart and was accredited Platinum[1] in Australia, and reached number five in New Zealand. The song also peaked at number two in Malaysia.

As a B-side for this single, Sebastian recorded his own modern arrangement of "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" from The Sound of Music, a song which he had performed on Australian Idol when he was competing in the series.


01 All I Need Is You (single remix) 
02 All I Need Is You (Cutfather & Joe remix) 
03 All I Need Is You (Sterling remix) 
04 Climb Every Mountain (Rodgers/Hammerstein) 

The Whitlams - 2000 - Blow Up the Pokies (I Wish I...) FLAC

"Blow Up the Pokies" is the second single by The Whitlams from their album, Love This City. It was released in 2000 and peaked at number 21 on the ARIA Singles Chart.
The lyrics written by lead singer Tim Freedman were a statement on the destruction he saw in original Whitlams bassist Andy Lewis's life due to his gambling.


01 Blow Up the Pokies (Ocean Way Radio Mix)
02 Thank You (for Loving Me at My Worst) (Single Edit) 
03 Bring Me Back (Full Band Version)
04 Putting On a Show
05 The Curse Stops Here

Dire Straits - 1992 - On Every Street FLAC

"On Every Street" is the second single and title track from the album of the same name by English rock band Dire Straits.


01 On Every Street
02 Private Investigations
03 Sultans Of Swing
04 Romeo & Juliet

Friday, 3 May 2019

Sinéad O’Connor - 1990 - Nothing Compares 2 U FLAC

"Nothing Compares 2 U" is a song written and composed by Prince for The Family and the song was featured on their eponymous album The Family. It was later made famous by Irish recording artist Sinéad O'Connor, whose arrangement was released as the second single from her second studio album, I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. This version, which O'Connor co-produced with Nellee Hooper, became a worldwide hit in 1990. Its music video received heavy rotation on MTV. Its lyrics explore feelings of longing from the point of view of an abandoned lover. The single reaced #1 in many countries including Australia. Thanks to joao3969


01 Nothing Compares 2 U
02 Jump in the River
03 Jump in the River (instrumental) 

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Whitesnake - 1978 - Snakebite FLAC

Although the Trouble LP was Whitesnake’s official full length debut album, was preceded by the Snakebite EP. Containing a mere four tracks, it was a major sign of things to come for the fledgling rock vocalist, and many fans continue to hail these songs as classics.


01 Bloody Mary
02 Steal Away
03 Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
04 Come On

Er!c Cl@pt0n - 1996 - Ch@nge The W0rld FLAC

"Change the World" is a song written by Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy, and Wayne Kirkpatrick whose best-known version was recorded by the English singer Eric Clapton for the soundtrack of the 1996 film Phenomenon. The track was produced by R&B record producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The Clapton release, recorded for Reprise and Warner Bros. Records, reached the Top 40 in twenty countries and topped the charts in Canada, as well as Billboard magazine's Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts in the United States. The single won eight awards, including three Grammy Awards at the 39th annual ceremony in 1997.


01 Change The World
02 Danny Boy
03 Change The World (Instrumental)

Friday, 29 March 2019

TISM - 1997 - Yob FLAC

 TISM (an acronym of This Is Serious Mum) were a seven-piece anonymous alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The group were formed on 30 December 1982 by vocalist/drummer Humphrey B. Flaubert, bassist/vocalist Jock Cheese and keyboardist/vocalist Eugene de la Hot Croix Bun, and enjoyed a large underground/independent following. Their third album, Machiavelli and the Four Seasons, reached the Australian national top 10 in 1995.

One of the main themes on the album wanker.com is the differences between the cultures of male society, the Yobs and the Wankers. The first single from the album, Yob, describes the role of the Yob; however, this single distinctly marks the territorial bounds between the two classes of men. Throughout the song it is revealed that the Yob is the basic equivalent of the American redneck and the Wanker is the more intellectual member of society, one who looks down upon the Yob.


01 Yob (3.20 Version)
02 The Last Australian Guitar Hero
03 Yob (4.40 Version)

TISM - 1997 - Shut Up – The Footy's On The Radio FLAC

"Shut Up – The Footy's on the Radio" is the name of a stand-alone single by TISM. It was written as an entrant for a Triple M football competition in 1997, which it won. It's prize was to be the theme music for Triple M's AFL coverage.[1] The song was rerecorded and rereleased on 21 March 2010 and used in Triple M's AFL coverage for the 2010 season.


01 Shut Up – The Footy's On The Radio [Radio Edit]
02 Shut Up – The Footy's On The Radio [Extended Mix]
03 Shut Up – The Footy's On The Radio [Triple M Edit]

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Elt0n J0hn & Er!c Cl@pt0n - 1992 - Runaway Train FLAC

"Runaway Train" is a pop rock song recorded by the British rock-pop musicians Elton John and Eric Clapton. A CD, cassette and 7" vinyl single from Elton John's album The One was released in July 1992 which was later also accompanied by a music video shot the same year. It was also used in the Lethal Weapon 3 movie soundtrack.
The single reached #31 on the UK Singles charts, #10 on The US Billboard charts and #53 in Australia.


01 Runaway Train
02 Aretha & Elton - Through The Storm
03 George Michael & Elton John - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
04 Elton John & Cliff Richard - Slow Rivers

Dead Or Alive - Turn Around And Count 2 Ten FLAC

"Turn Around and Count 2 Ten" is the lead single by British band Dead or Alive from their fourth studio album Nude. Despite that its UK Singles Chart success was limited to the top 100 (#70 peak), the song reached number two in the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart as well as being number one for 17 weeks in Japan.


01 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (The Pearl And Dean ''I Love''-BPM Mix)
02 Something In My House (Instru-MENTAL 12 Inch Mix)
03 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (Instru-MENTAL Mix)

David Campbell - 2005 - End Of The World FLAC

"End of the World" is a single released by Australian singer David Campbell on the 23 October 2005 it reached #47 on the Australian Charts.


01 End Of The World (Album Version)
02 Back In The Back Seat (Steve Mac Radio Version)
03 Back In The Back Seat (MI$FIT$ Radio Edit)
04 Things You're Doing To My Heart (Album Version)

Monday, 18 March 2019

Custard - 1998 - Girls Like That FLAC

 "Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us)" is the first single from Loverama, the fifth album by Custard. It reached #52 on the Australian ARIA singles chart, and spent 24 weeks in the top 100. The song was placed #3 in the 1998 Hottest 100. The song's film clip, directed by Andrew Lancaster, won Best Video at the 1999 ARIA Awards.


1 Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us)
2 Caboolture Speed Lab
3 I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates - 2011 - Volume 2 FLAC

Mahalia Violet Barnes (born 12 July 1982) is an Australian singer-songwriter and manager, the daughter of Scottish-Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes and Jane Mahoney. She began performing as part of children's pop group The Tin Lids with siblings, Eliza-Jane 'E.J.', Elly-May and Jackie, but has since become a session and backup singer in her own right. She most recently has sung backup for Joe Bonamassa in the studio, and live.


01 Don't Hold Back
02 Same Thing Happens
03 Counting On You
04 Little Light
05 Feels Right

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Kasey Chambers - On A Bad Day FLAC

 "On a Bad Day"    the second single from her second album Barricades & Brickwalls reached #147 on the Australian singles chart.


01 On a Bad Day
02 Crossfire
03 Everything's Turning to White
04 Crossfire [Alternate Version]