Sunday, 21 October 2018

The John Butler Trio - 2006 - Funky Tonight CDS FLAC

"Funky Tonight" is the first single by the John Butler Trio from their fourth studio album, Grand National. It was released in December, 2006, on Jarrah Records. The song blends funk, roots, blues, and rock. The cover art for the single was designed by Tom Walker.

The song was performed at the ARIA Music Awards of 2007 with special guest Keith Urban, which was then released as a digital download, debuting at number 11 on the ARIA Singles Chart on 12 November 2007.


01 Funky Tonight
02 Good as Gone
03 Nowhere Man (demo)   
04 Funky Tonight (live)

Jim Keays - 1994 - This Song FLAC

 James Keays (9 September 1946 – 13 June 2014) was an Australian musician, born in Scotland who fronted the rock band the Masters Apprentices as singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonica-player from 1965 to 1972, and subsequently had a solo career. He also wrote for the teen newspaper, Go-Set, as its Adelaide correspondent in 1970 and its London correspondent in 1973.


01 This Song
02 All Your Love

The John Butler Trio - 2000 - JBT FLAC

JBT EP, also known as the Pickapart EP is a 4 track EP from Australian jam band the John Butler Trio. "Pickapart", "Don't Understand" and "Earthbound Child" would then make it onto the U.S. version of their LP Three, but none of the tracks were re-used in the Australian release of that album.


01 Pickapart
02 Don't Understand
03 Earthbound Child
04 Trees

Monday, 15 October 2018

Brewster Brothers - 2003 - Any Day Now FLAC

John and Rick Brewster (along with Doc Neeson) were the nucleus and major songwriters of the legendary Angels, one of Australia’s most successful bands. The guys played rhythm and lead guitar and produced the band’s classic multi-platinum albums. 

A few years ago John and Rick started thinking about a break-away project. They were looking to develop new material shaped by their experiences; both as teenagers growing up in Adelaide, and all those years together in and out of the spotlight riding the highs and lows with one of Australia’s most famous bands.

The first recorded sign of what they were up to emerged in 2003 with the release of a limited edition four-track CD ‘Any Day’, recorded live at Balmain’s ‘Unity Hall Hotel’. It showed the Brothers in a state of transition, with covers from Dylan and Ry Cooder, plus two very strong originals that gave an indication of their new direction. Thanks to Klaatu


01 I shall be released   
02 Across the border line   
03 Brother's keeper   
04 Do it again

The Genes - 1996 - A Smile Will Do FLAC

Brisbane brothers Nolan and Morgan Angell followed up an indie release with this single before their Buy a Guitar album. Released 1996.


01 A Smile Will Do
02 Best Girl In Town
03 If Only I Had Your Number
04 Rubberneckin'

Friday, 5 October 2018

Gerling - 2003 - Get Activated CDS FLAC

Gerling were an Australian electronica, alternative rock trio formed in 1993. From early 1997 the members were Darren Cross on guitar and lead vocals, Presser (real name Paul Towner) on drums and Burke Reid on guitar and vocals. Their second album, When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun (September 2001), reached the ARIA Albums Chart top 50. It provided a top 50 single, "Dust Me Selecta" (August 2001). The group disbanded in 2007.


01 Get Activated
02 Ahead
03 Turn Up The Heat