Monday, 26 June 2017

Suzi Quatro - 1993 - Fear Of The Unknown

Susan Kay "Suzi" Quatro (born June 3, 1950) is an American-born rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress. She was the first female bass player to become a major rock star, breaking a barrier to women's participation in rock music.


01 Fear Of The Unknown (Radio Version)
02 And  So To Bed
03 Fear Of The Unknown (Long Version)

Sunday, 25 June 2017

F@ith N0 M0re - 1989 - Ep!c FLAC

"Epic" is a song by the American rock band Faith No More. It was released as the second single from their third album The Real Thing in 1989 in US and in 1990 in the UK and Europe. The song was a breakthrough hit. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 (the band's only Top Ten hit in the United States), and their first Number One single on the Australian charts. It is among the band's most popular songs and a staple in their concerts.


 01 Epic
 02 War Pigs (live)
 03 You’re Dead! (live)
 04 Chinese Arithmetic (live)

Leonardo's Bride - 2000 - Sonic

Sydney-based Leonardo's Bride wrong-footed its casual listeners with this first taste of their new album, 'Open Sesame'. Well known for producing beautiful, slow acoustic ballads as single releases, 'Sonic' is about as different as you can get. Fast paced, loads of electric guitar and a memorable lyric culminating in singer Abby Dobson asking the listener, "Can I be sonic too? " the song is a cute pop number, played by a real working band, nothing more, nothing less.


01 Sonic
02 Happy (rehersal)
03 That Boy (take one)
04 She Goes With Drummers

Icehouse - 1997 - Hey Little Girl - '97 Remixes FLAC

"Hey Little Girl" is a single released by Australian band Icehouse, the second single from the band's 1982 album, Primitive Man.[2] The album and single were co-produced by band member and the track's writer, Iva Davies, and Keith Forsey (Billy Idol).  It was released in October 1982, on Regular Records in 7" vinyl single and 12" vinyl single formats.  In 1997, a series of re-mixes of the song was released in Germany on the Edel Music label.


1     Hey Little Girl (Radio Edit)    
2     Hey Little Girl (Future House Single) 
3     Hey Little Girl (X/tended Edit)    
4     Hey Little Girl (DJ Darling vs. DJ Sören)    
5     Hey Little Girl (Original Version)

Jimmy Barnes & The Badloves - 1993 - The Weight

In 1993 Jimmy Barnes and  the Badloves recorded a cover version of The Band's classic 'The Weight', which reached #6 in December 1993.


01 The Weight
02 Cold Cold Heart

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

!NX$ - 1997 - Everything (Single) @320

This CD single is a four-track live EP of tracks from INXS's performance for the BBC Comic Relief Charity in London.


    01 Everything (Live) 
    02 Suicide Blonde (Live)
    03 Never Tear Us Apart (Live)
    04 What You Need (Live)

Monday, 12 June 2017

!NX$ - 1993 - Please (You Got That...) @320

"Please (You Got That ...)" is the second single from the 1993 album Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, by Australian rock band INXS. The song was written by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence and featured guest vocals from legendary American R&B Artist Ray Charles.


01 - Please (You Got That...)
02 - Please (You Got That...) (Main Edit)
03 - Please (You Got That...) (Club Need Mix)
04 - Freedom Deep (Extended 12'' Mix)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Belinda Carlisle - 1986 - Band Of Gold FLAC

 "Band of Gold" is a popular song written by former Motown producers, Holland–Dozier–Holland it was a hit song for Freda Payne in 1970. Payne provided background vocals on the dance mixes of Carlisle's version of this song, which would later appear as bonus tracks on the 2003 re-release of the album.


01 Band Of Gold (Single Mix)
02 Band Of Gold (Extended Mix)
03 From The Heart
04 Band Of Gold (Dub Mix)

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Diesel - 2002 - Battleworn

 Mark Denis Lizotte, (born 31 May 1966), is an American-born Australian musician, who has released material as leader of Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, under his birth name, or by the pseudonym Diesel.  Battleworn is a single from the 2002 studio album Hear.


01 Battleworn    
02 Come Around    
03 Getta Kick (Switchkicker Remix)

M!dn!ght 0il - 1998 -R3dn3ck W0nderl@nd

Redneck Wonderland is an album by Midnight Oil that was released in 1998 under the Columbia Records label, which peaked at No.7 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The single of the same name reached  #54.


01 Redneck Wonderland    
02 The Great Gibber Plain (Ambient Version)    
03 Frontier ... What Frontier?    
04 Pub With No Beer

Deadstar - 1998 - Run Baby Run FLAC

 Deadstar (styled as deadstar) were an Australian pop rock music band formed in August 1995 by Peter Jones (Crowded House) on drums and percussion; Caroline Kennedy on lead vocals and guitar; and Barry Palmer (Hunters & Collectors) on guitar and bass guitar. They released three studio albums, deadstar (October 1995), Milk (April 1997) and Somewhere Over the Radio (September 1999). Two singles reached the top 100 on the ARIA Singles Chart, "Run Baby Run" and "Deeper Water", both in 1999. The group were nominated for three ARIA Music Awards, "Don't It Get You Down?" for Best Independent Release (1997), "Run Baby Run" (1999) for Best Pop Release, and Somewhere Over the Radio (2000) for Best Rock Album. The group disbanded in 2001.


01 Run Baby Run    
02 Salon Baby    
03 Satellite

Suze DeMarchi - 1998 - Satellite FLAC

Suze DeMarchi (born 14 February 1964) is an Australian singer-songwriter, best known for fronting the band Baby Animals. After the demise of Baby Animals in 1996, DeMarchi pursued a solo career. Although living in Boston with her husband and young daughter (apparently temporarily in her mother-in-law's basement at one point), she signed to Mushroom Records Australia and released 1999's Telelove, which featured the single "Satellite". DeMarchi supported the album with a May tour around Australia as the singles "Karma" and eventually, "Open Windows" hit the shelves. DeMarchi was also nominated for an ARIA in 1999 for Best Female Artist.


01 Satellite
02 Trapped In Amber
03 Satellite (Mothership) [Longview version]

Daryl Braithwaite - 1994 - Barren Ground FLAC

"Barren Ground" is the second single released by Australian singer-songwriter, Daryl Braithwaite from his fourth studio album, Taste the Salt in January 1994. Simon Hussey won the ARIA awards for Engineer of the Year for his work on this track. "Barren Ground" made it to #61 on the Australian ARIA Charts.


 01 Barren Ground
 02 The Other Side
 03 The Horses" (Acoustic) 

Church - 2010 - Deadman's Hand FLAC

 If the EPs emanating from the Church‘s excellent Untitled #23 have proven anything, it’s that the band left many of the best tracks it had recorded off of what was already a strong collection. Deadman’s Hand features the title track, of course, one of the catchiest and, paradoxically, noisiest tunes from Untitled. But the songs following it are more than mere outtakes or filler. (Well, maybe the brief instrumental “The Kicker” isn’t a song so much as an extended intro.) “Dakota” and “The Gardener” hang the band’s dreamy psychedelia on strong melodic backbones, while “Stardust” reintroduces its signature jangle on a moody, memorable pop tune. It’s easy to ignore EPs as simply as simply minor adjuncts to an artist’s catalog, fit for little more than satiating the collector’s impulse. But Deadman’s Hand quickly proves itself to be an essential item in the Church’s canon.
Thanks To Sunshine


1     Deadman's Hand 
2     Stardust    
3     The Kicker    
4     Dakota     

B0n Sc0tt - 1996 - Round And Round And Round FLAC

‘Round and Round and Round’ was recorded in 1974 with the Australian band the Mount Lofty Rangers mere weeks before Scott joined AC/DC. The group also included fellow Down Under rockers Jimmy Barnes and Glenn Shorrock. In 1996, writer Peter Head and Sydney musician Ted Yanni started work on the cut, which included Scott’s vocal track.


1 Round And Round And Round  
2 Carey Gully  
3 Round And Round

Neil F!nn - 2001 - Songs From Neil F!nn FLAC

Promo for Neil's forthcoming 2001 album One Nil also included is the video for "Rest Of The Day Off".   Thanks To Sunshine.


01 Last To Know    
02 Don't Dream It's Over (Live At The Palace Theatre)    
03 She Will Have Her Way    
04 Wherever You Are (VH1 Special Live)    
05 Weather With You    
06 Video Rest Of The Day Off