Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Jon Stevens - 1992 - Jesus Christ Superstar

Stevens was part of three Australian productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, and played the character of Judas twice. On the third occasion, during the 2013 live arena tour, he played the character of Pontius Pilate.

Jon Stevens (born 8 October 1961) is a New Zealand-born Australian singer of Māori descent. Solo artist lead singer of Noiseworks and fronted INXS From 2000 to 2003 after the death of their lead singer Michael Hutchence.


01 Superstar
02 Heaven On Their Minds

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Killing Heidi - 2004 - Calm Down

"Calm Down" is Killing Heidi's eighth single released and the second single from their third self-titled album Killing Heidi. The song was the #1 most added song to Australian radio during the week of its release it made #23 on the charts. Lead singer Ella Hooper said of the song, "it's about having a big crush on someone". The video was shot in the grand open spaces of Broken Hill, New South Wales.


1. "Calm Down" 
2. "Never Know Me" 
3. "See What's Inside

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

David Campbell - 2003 - Hope

David Joseph Campbell (born 6 August 1973, Adelaide, South Australia) is an Australian singer, stage performer and television presenter. He has performed and recorded many different genres of music from rock to classics. He is the son of rock and soul singer Jimmy Barnes.

Hope was released on the 13 June 2003 and charted #8 (ARIA singles chart)


1 Hope    
2 Waiting    
3 Hope Live Acoustic

Neil Finn - 1998 - Sinner

"Sinner" is the debut solo single by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Neil Finn, released in 1998.

An acoustic version of the song was performed live and released on Radio Austin 107.1 KGSR's "Broadcasts Vol. 6" album.


3.808 Song
4.Identical Twin

The Dukes - 1992 - Faith

The Dukes were an Australian rock band active from 1991 to 1994. Initially called Sean Kelly and the Iron Dukes, they were formed by Sean Kelly (ex-Models, Absent Friends) on vocals and keyboards; and Geoffrey Stapleton (GANGgajang, Absent Friends) on keyboards and guitar. They were soon joined by Michael Armiger (Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls, The Go-Betweens) on bass guitar; Michael King (Absent Friends) on guitar and backing vocals; and John Mackay (Absent Friends) on drums and percussion

In 1992 they released the single "Faith" wich reached #28 the Australian singles charts.


1 Faith 
2 Gun In My Hand
3 Bluesville

Lash - 2001 - Take Me Away

Take Me Away, Lash's first single, was released on 26 March 2001. It reached number 33 in the weekly ARIA chart during April 2001 and received a large amount of radio play. The single version does not include the guitar solo used in the film.
Their song "Take Me Away" was featured on the Freaky Friday soundtrack in 2003, which was performed by the main character's (Lindsay Lohan's) band in the film.


1."Take Me Away"
2."Aloha Mr Hand"