Tuesday, 19 February 2019

R0d $tew@rt - 1993 - Rooby Tuesd@y FLAC

  Rod Stewart recorded a version of Ruby Tueday in 1993 that was included on his 1993 compilation album Lead Vocalist.


01  Ruby Tuesday
02  You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)
03  Passion
04  Crazy About Her


  1. Thanks for the share.
    Honestly, I think Rod should have left this one alone - his rendition of this 'classic track' from the Stones just doesn't come close to the original. Melanie's cover (being female) had a refreshing feel to it and was accepted well, but Rod's version here is nothing special and just makes one crave to hear the original again. Sorry!
    The remaining 3 tracks on this EP are his original recordings and are therefore enjoyable. Thankfully, Rod did not choose to re-record these tracks and end up butchering them, as most artists do the second time around. Nice EP cover shot - typical Rod Stewart

  2. Exactly my thoughts Guy was looking forward to hearing Ruby Tuesday when I got this but was a bit dissapointed might have done a better job if he had recorded it back the early 70's when he did a much better job of covering other people's tunes.