Saturday, 1 August 2015

Androids - 2002 - Do It With M@donn@

 The Androids are a rock band from Australia. Fronted by guitarist Tim Henwood (originally from The Superjesus) with members Sam Grayson, Matt Tomlinson and Marty Grech. While their 2002 single, "Do It With M@donn@", was commercially their most successful release - peaking at #4 in the Australia ARIA Singles Chart and #15 in the UK Singles Chart; their second and third singles, "Here She Comes" and "Brand New Life" could not replicate "Do It With M@donn@"'s success.


1 Do It With M@donn@ 
2 Gone
3 Overdose
4 Inside Out

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  1. Thanx Mort :)

    4 doing it with mADOnna !