Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Persian Rugs - 2002 - Mr Tripper

Following the January 1998 demise of their previous outfit, Australian schlock-rock legends the Hoodoo Gurus, singer/guitarist Dave Faulkner, guitarist Brad Shepherd, bassist Rick Grossman and drummer Mark Kingsmill all reunited in the Persian Rugs. Despite a lineup mirroring the final incarnation of their previous outfit, the band insisted it was not just the Hoodoos under another name: drawing inspiration from garage combos both past and present, Faulkner once remarked "The Hoodoo Gurus would cover a Persian Rugs song, but the Persian Rugs couldn't cover a Hoodoo Gurus song." In mid-2002 the group issued its debut EP Mr. Tripper; Grossman soon exited, and ex-Crusaders/Thurston Howlers bassist Kendall James signed on to complete the full-length Turkish DeLight, issued early the following year. In 2004 Grossman returned to action, and the reconstituted group once again claimed the Hoodoo Gurus name, casting the continued viability of the Persian Rugs moniker in serious doubt.


Mr Tripper 
Moochin' Around  
Here She Comes  
I Can't Take It Anymore  
Goin' Out In Style

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  1. I'm an American who tends to love Aussie music, so I naturally love your blog. I haven't seen a lot of what you have on here, and always wanted to hear The Persian Rugs' EP. THANK YOU!