Saturday, 22 June 2019

Amiel - 2003 - Obsession (i Love You) CDS FLAC

"Obsession (I Love You)" is a song by Amiel Daemion and released as the second single from their debut studio album Audio Out (2003). The song peaked at number 15.

Amiel said; "The song went through many changes and has had many lives. In the end it [the song] took on a kind of Nine Inch Nails vibe. That’s what Josh is like. He becomes obsessed and driven toward a particular thing and in this song that is what he wanted. It totally works for this song to be dark and strange because it helps illustrate the obsessive, deluded character that I am playing.


01 Obsession (I Love You) (Original Version) 
02 Obsession (I Love You) (Alternate Radio Mix) 
03 Obsession (I Love You) (Rogue Traders Denim Tribute Mix) 
04 Obsession (I Love You) (Infusion Underground Club Mix)

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