Tuesday, 11 April 2017

28 Days - 2000 - Rip it Up FLAC

28 Days are known for their rap rock, punk rock and hip hop music. Throughout their recording career, they have released 5 studio albums and 5 EPs, 3 of which debuted in the ARIAnet top 40. This includes the certified platinum album Upstyledown which was produced by Kalju Tonuma and debuted at number 1 in July 2000. The band have also seen commercial success on Australian singles charts, with singles such as 'Rip It Up'#12, 'Goodbye'#50 and 'What's the Deal?'#32.


01 Rip It Up
02 Kid Indestructible (Live Falls Festival 31-12-1999)
03 Never Give Up (Live Falls Festival 31-12-1999)

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