Saturday, 28 July 2018

Ghostwriters - 1992 - World Is Almost At Peace RE-POST

 In Sydney in 1990, while Midnight Oil were taking a break, Rob Hirst joined up with guitarist Andrew Dickson (The Narcs, NZ), drummer Dorland Bray (Do-Ré-Mi), guitarist Leszek Karski (Midnight Oil producer) and Hoodoo Gurus' Grossman to form a side project called Ghostwriters.The name refers to ghostwriters where famous writers wish to be anonymous. Ghostwriters' line-ups - both live and in the studio - changed considerably through the years, with only founders Hirst and Grossman being mainstays (and their driving force) at all times. Between successive album releases Hirst and Grossman returned to active involvement with Oils & Gurus respectively.


01 World Is Almost At Peace
02 Wreckery Road

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