Saturday, 23 September 2017

Mekonics - 2002 - Claim Your Cupcake FLAC

 Mekonics are a four piece rock band formed in Sydney band members are Chicka (The Chickman) Drums, Rad Ladmore Bass/Vocals, Yo Yo Sandshoes Guitar/Vocals and Rock Johnson Vocals. Mekonics have played for the last 2 years around inner city venues including Annandale Hotel, The Metro, Hopetoun Hotel, Bar Broadway, Manning Bar, Vic on the Park, The Sandringham, Harbord Diggers, Cat and Fiddle and The Exelsior Hotel. They recorded debut ep titled ‘Claim Your Cupcake’ in 2002 which received airplay on Triple J, 2MMM plus a number of community stations. Performed live on KAOS TV for the end of year Xmas Special.  Thanks to Guitarzan.


01 Band
02 Can't Sleeper
03 New One
04 Bliss Bombs
05 Smokin'

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