Saturday, 23 September 2017

Pseudo Echo - 1999 - Funkytown Y2K RMX FLAC

Pseudo Echo reunited in March 1998, with Canham and Gigliotti joined by Danielson on drums and Tony Featherstone on keyboards (ex-The Badloves), they played sold-out venues across Australia reaffirming the band's popularity. In late 1999, Ben Grayson replaced Featherstone on keyboards. In 2000 they released "Funkytown Y2K: RMX" which included six new remixes of "Funky Town". In the same year they supported international artists Culture Club and Village People


01 Funky Town (Smash'n'Grab Trip To Jupiter - Radio Edit)    
02 Funky Town (Sly Funky Lounge Mix) 
03 Funky Town (Smash'n'Grab Trip To Jupiter - Extended Club Mix)    
04 Funky Town (Quench Remix)    
05 Funky Town (Mr. Quik Remix)    
06 Funky Town (Smash'n'Grab Indulgant Dub)

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