Tuesday, 27 August 2019

J!mmy P@ge & R0bert Pl@nt -1995 - Wonderful 0ne (Promo) FLAC

Page and Plant reunited in 1994 and decided to perform many of the Led Zeppelin classics with a different style, a more acoustic style, with a Moroccan flare I believe. They never recorded these new realizations on a studio album, instead they took their idea on tour, to Morocco I guess, and recorded a live album titled “No Quarter” named after the popular song from 1973’s “Houses of The Holy.” The new style was slower and this ironically did not really work for the most famous songs off the album “Kashmir” and “No Quarter,” at least not in my opinion, but it did work for more emotional songs like “Thank You” and the “That’s The Way” and Page and Plant basically reinvented “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and for the better in my opinion.“Wonderful One” is definitely the best new song, and quite believably the best track off of, “No Quarter.”


01 - Wonderful One (Radio Edit)
02 - Wonderful One (LP Version)
03 - What Is And What Should Never Be (Non-LP Bonus Track)
04 - When The Levee Breaks (Non-LP Bonus Track)

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